White Elephant  (Elefante Blanco)

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Saturday 17 November 8:30pm
Wednesday 21 November 8:30pm
Thursday 22 November 6:30pm



Acclaimed Argentinean director and Cannes favourite Pablo Trapero uses complex sequence shots and technical excellence to achieve formal near-perfection in this gripping drama. Our protagonists are two Catholic priests who must navigate the dangers of drug lords, police corruption and their own personal shortcomings while tending to the vulnerable residents of a Buenos Aires slum. Trapero maintains a high-wire tension from the startling opening scene to the dramatic last sequence. His caring depiction of the drug addicts, social activists, lapsed holy men and misfits who populate the harsh world of White Elephant does not judge but rather observes, using the unsparing eye of a great filmmaker concerned more with truth than with the standard notions of right and wrong. The pristine, breathtaking visuals are simply spectacular and the soundtrack by the unerring Michael Nyman, truly memorable.

Unclassified 18+, 110 minutes

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