The Zero Hour  (La Hora Cero)

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Thursday 22 November 10:30pm
Saturday 17 November 8:30pm


This gripping thriller, the highest grossing film ever in the history of Venezuelan cinema, portrays the desperate acts of tattooed Caracas gang leader and hit-man Parca (hip-hop star Zapata 666), who holds an entire hospital hostage in a bid to save his pregnant, gunshot ex-girlfriend. Parca eventually finds redemption in the unlikeliest of situations in this gritty, emotionally charged love story told via tight performances, a nail-biting plot and relentless cinematic pacing. The filmmakers literally risked their lives to make the movie, suffering kidnappings and even the murder of a cast member just days before he was due to shoot his first scene. The tremendous success and critical acclaim of this film worldwide is well deserved, as are its numerous accolades and awards for directing, acting and editing.

Unclassified 18+, 100 minutes 


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