The Wild Kids  (Els Nens Salvatges)

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Saturday 17 November 6:15pm
Thursday 22 November 8:30pm
Friday 23 November 6:30pm


This wonderful film is an enthralling exploration of adolescence. Most parents love and care for their children, but also tend to forget how difficult the transition from childhood to adulthood can be. Alex, Gabi and Oki are three teenagers making their way through life in the city. Like any other teenagers, they like to spend their time pushing the limits that their parents and society enforce by drinking, fighting and painting graffiti. Nothing, however, could prepare us for the terrible consequences that these kids’ actions could end up having on those around them. Rarely have the teenage years been depicted with such truthfulness. An unmissable offering in this year’s program and a favourite of the festival director.

Unclassified 15+, 100 minutes

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