The Sleeping Voice  (La Voz Dormida)

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Sunday 18 November 6:20pm
Saturday 24 November 6:00pm
Friday 23 November 8:30pm



A heart-rending love story set in the early days of Franco’s atrocious fascist regime in Spain. Maria León scooped all the major acting awards with her portrayal of Pepita, an innocent girl who comes to Madrid to comfort her pregnant sister, Hortensia (Inma Cuesta), who is held as a political prisoner. The beautiful and fiery Cuesta is magnetic as Hortensia in this unsparing perspective on the horrific conditions that dissidents and guiltless alike faced in this harsh political climate. One of the most affecting films of contemporary Spanish cinema, The Sleeping Voice is an emotional triumph. Benito Zambrano faithfully portrays this seldom explored but crucial period in Spanish history, masterfully directing a superb cast that render extraordinary performances.


Unclassified 18+, 128 minutes

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