The Red Squirrel  (La Ardilla Roja)

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Saturday 17 November 10:30pm
Monday 19 November 4:30pm
Tuesday 20 November 8:30pm
Sunday 25 November 4:00pm




An astonishing love story told through beautiful visual metaphors. On a summer night, Jota, desperate after being abandoned by the love of his life, tries to commit suicide by throwing himself into the sea. At the crucial moment, a girl who has just had a motorbike accident appears. She suffers amnesia as a consequence of the accident and cannot remember her identity. Jota takes advantage of the situation and convinces her that her name is Lisa and they have been a couple for the last 4 years. The Red Squirrel is one of the masterpieces of Spanish cinema. It has captivated audiences and critics alike as well as international artists of the scope of Stanley Kubrick. A unique, spellbinding triumph by iconic director Julio Médem.


Unclassified, 114 minutes

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