The Last Elvis  (El Último Elvis)

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Saturday 24 November 8:45pm
Sunday 25 November 2:00pm


Armando Bo’s vision of this mystery train ride through the delusional Lonely Street of chunky, ‘70s-era Elvis impersonator Carlos (John Mc Inerny, who will be presenting the film) is bathed in bittersweet pathos and denial. Carlos is obsessed with his stage life, (doing “The King” for strangers) despite labouring at a dead-end day job while his personal life suffers like a bear on a fuzzy tree. Carlos is sorely deluded in his self-image as a serious entertainer, and he exudes an unlikely confidence, which is backed up by actor Mc Inery’s uncannily spot-on Elvis vocalization. When reality intrudes in the form of an auto accident involving his estranged wife, Carlos is forced to care for his daughter (Margarita Lopez, who is, naturally, named Lisa Marie). Poignantly funny and moving, this lovely film is indispensable for anybody who ever even remotely liked an Elvis song.

Unclassified 18+, 91 minutes 


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