The Island Inside  (La Isla Interior)

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Monday 19 November 8:30pm
Friday 16 November 7:15pm
Sunday 25 November 2:00pm
Monday 26 November 6:30pm


This mesmerizing, eccentric family drama centres on the classic device of the death of a dysfunctional family’s schizophrenic patriarch reuniting the disparate, damaged branches of the family tree. Three adult siblings - eldest sister Gracia, middle-child Martin and youngest Coral (superbly acted by Cristina Marcos, Alberto San Juan and Candela Peña) - understandably have “issues” and can barely function in the world at large themselves. Geraldine Chaplin is wonderful as the controlling mother. Weirdly and crazily comical, this film functions as an otherworldly mood piece that is sure to elicit nervous laughter from the audience. The camera superbly catches the sun-bleached yet bleak landscape of the Canary Islands, which mimics the disarray and emotional complexity of the characters’ frenetic interior lives. A masterpiece of recent Spanish cinema.

Unclassified 18+, 93 minutes 



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