The Girl Of Your Dreams  (La Niña De Tus Ojos)

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Sunday 18 November 8:00pm
Saturday 24 November 1:30pm
Thursday 22 November 8:40pm




Gorgeously shot by cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe, this ambitious and finely crafted film from Fernando Trueba (Belle Epoque) is set in Nazi Germany where a Franco-friendly Joseph Goebbels has invited a Spanish film crew to use the facilities of Germany’s famed film studios. The tightly plotted story centres on the charged relationships of actress Macarena Granada (a stunning Penelope Cruz) who is romantically involved with the director, Blas (Antonio Resines) but has attracted the lusty attentions of Goebbels himself. To complicate matters, Jewish prisoners are provided by the Nazis to serve as actors. Macarena becomes involved with one and attempts to assist in his escape. This satisfying meta-linguistic drama manages to tell its politically charged story in an unvarnished way while maintaining a humanist sympathy and humour. A wonderful cinematic experience.

Unclassified 18+, 121 minutes

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