The Double Steps  (Los Pasos Dobles)

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Monday 19 November 9:00pm
Saturday 24 November 11:15am


Winner of the best film award at San Sebastian Film Festival, this visually stunning film is part of an idiosyncratic diptych by maverick director (and favourite of La Mirada) Isaki Lacuesta. A companion piece to The Clay Diaries, The Double Steps combines documentary style with fiction, weaving together the life of French artist Francois Augieras with that of his spiritual heir, Spanish-artist-in-Africa Miquel Barcelo. Inspired by spaghetti westerns, Lacuesta's usual ace director of photography Diego Dussuel impressively captures the striking Mali landscapes. His atmospheric nocturnal scenes, with their fanciful evocations of an almost otherworldly spirituality, are also things of wonder that are tangible elements in their own right in this remarkable work of cinema.

Unclassified 18+, 86 minutes 



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