The Clay Diaries  (El Cuaderno De Barro)

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Sunday 18 November 2:00pm
Monday 19 November 7:00pm
Saturday 24 November 1:15pm




Quite simply, this is a breathtaking film, a documentary capturing the living art sculpture/ performance piece conceived by Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo and performed by Barcelo and French choreographer Joseph Nadj. Set outdoors in the blistering Mali sun before a local audience, the performance piece makes use of a massive clay wall constructed for the event then manipulated, scarified, hammered and finally perforated by the bodies of the artists in a performance so joyfully visceral and creative that audiences will be powerless to resist the enthusiasm of the artist and the mute invitation to a higher understanding of the plastic arts. Director Isaki Lacuesta cannily allows the event to unfold making use of a skilful yet unassuming technique that focuses attention on Barcelo’s indomitable artistic courage and inventiveness. Essential viewing.


Unclassified G, 60 minutes

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