The Cat Vanishes  (El Gato Desaparece)

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Saturday 17 November 1:30pm
Tuesday 20 November 8:45pm
Saturday 24 November 8:30pm




Stylishly shot in widescreen, this methodical, intelligent thriller is a departure from the bulk of the body of Sorín’s work. In homage to ‘40s-era Hitchcock, the Argentine writer-director cleverly updates the likes of slow-burning story of intrigue and suspense. A woman reunites with her psychologically precarious husband, a respected academic, after his release from a mental institution. The wife’s fearfulness about her husband’s sanity slowly robs her of her own. Tension builds as we see her paranoia mount in contrast to her husband’s seeming calm, and a gradual reversal of the two main characters’ roles occurs. This brilliant device allows the actors to deftly explore the subtle shadings of such a changeup. Run through with veins of acerbic humour, Sorin’s film is the perfect playing field for an examination of these two characters’ sinister and potentially deadly impulses.

Unclassified 18+, 90 minutes



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