Sleep Tight  (Mientras Duermes)

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Friday 16 November 9:15pm
Tuesday 20 November 6:30pm
Saturday 24 November 2:30pm


This intense psychological suspense thriller treads confidently in Hitchcock territory as it shows viewers the world through the eyes of César (Luis Tosar), a lonely and disgruntled building doorman who acts out his frustrations in a creepy, aggressive style on the unsuspecting residents of the building he tends. One particular recipient of his unwanted, furtive attentions is the sunny Clara (Marta Etura), a young woman whose cheery disposition sets Cesar on a dark mission to bring her down at any cost. His sick obsession to drag Clara into misery eventually crosses the line into lunacy and the story ramps up in classic fashion. One of the best recent examples of the suspense horror genre. Director Jaume Balaguero (REC) ably builds the story’s tension to an exquisite fever pitch.

Unclassified 18+, 103 minutes 

Courtesy of Rialto Distribution


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