Six Points About Emma  (Seis Puntos Sobre Emma)

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Saturday 17 November 11:00am
Sunday 18 November 12:30pm
Tuesday 20 November 6:30pm


Six Points About Emma challenges viewers with a deft portrayal of the beautiful and blind Emma (the passionate and charismatic Verónica Echegui, our guest this year), the object of desire for boyfriends, psychiatrists and strangers alike. Despite her disability she has a confident, unorthodox (sometimes selfish and calculating) attitude towards sexuality and relationships. Her obsession with having a child supersedes the usual considerations of her relations with men. Though some of her sexual partners use her, she turns the tables by using these hapless agents to achieve her own goals. Roberto Pérez Toledo dexterously manages to keep us intrigued about the carefully crafted characters.

Unclassified 18+, 85 minutes

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