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Friday 23 November 8:30pm
Monday 26 November 8:30pm


An engrossing political thriller starring the infallible Gael García Bernal, our guest curator this year, NO chronicles the 1988 national Chilean referendum that brought the downfall of Augusto Pinochet. Though the history of this revolution’s outcome is well documented, the film still manages to maintain suspense throughout. This gripping historical drama, shot in grainy analogue, ably evokes the aesthetic of the time. Bernal plays a savvy ad executive who is recruited to design a TV ad campaign for the “no” vote, aimed at toppling the dictatorship in the referendum. The tactics must be subtle and subversive due to the deadly political forces at play and a credible menace pervades the film. Its premiere at Cannes was greeted with cheers and seemingly unstoppable applause, all well deserved for an engaging and breathlessly paced film with a profound and important message.

Unclassified 18+, 115 minutes

Courtesy of Rialto Distribution 






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