Machete Language  (El Languaje De Los Machetes)

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Sunday 18 November 9:45pm
Wednesday 21 November 8:30pm


Andres Almeida and Mexican punk musician Jessy Bulbo (who also composed the film’s punk rock score) star in this raw and exciting film as the romantically destructive, star-crossed couple Ray and Ramona, who are poised to commit an act of “poetic terrorism”. Their personal relationship, which has been forged in the heat of a common revolutionary cause, begins to unravel as their ideological paths diverge. Writer/ Director Kyzza Terrazas cunningly captures the dingy edginess of the underground scene as well as a breathtaking Mexican landscape in this portrait of youth produced by Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna. Terraza’s take on state policies, subversive struggles, and the general attitude of young rebellion against the status quo gives him abundant material from which he has carved his fascinating script. A highly original film experience.

Unclassified 18+, 78 minutes 


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