Las Acacias

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Friday 16 November 4:15pm
Tuesday 20 November 8:30pm
Saturday 17 November 4:30pm


In this heartwarming road film, Rueben, a taciturn long-haul truck driver (played with inarticulate intensity by Germán de Silva) has agreed to transport a lone passenger, Jacinta (Hebe Duarte) from Asunción del Paraguay to Buenos Aires. She appears for their rendezvous with a baby in tow, a fact that initially irks the prickly Rueben. There is little dialogue in long, stark scenes confined to the cabin of the truck, the perfect setting for a tentative and unlikely bond to emerge between the two main characters, nudged into being by the presence of Jacinta’s child whose charms eventually melt the heart of the wizened trucker. As the journey progresses, a subtly played warmth and affection develops between Jacinta and Rueben. A beautiful film that has deservedly won many awards and should not be missed.

Unclassified G, 82 minutes

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