Ghost Graduation  (Promocion Fantasma)

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Saturday 24 November 4:00pm
Saturday 17 November 6:30pm
Sunday 18 November 2:30pm


This riotous film by Javier Ruiz revolves around the special powers of Modesto, a high school teacher who can sometimes see dead people, and how his special skills seem to hamper his ability to maintain stable employment. His luck changes when he is hired at Monforte High School where he is charged with helping 5 ghost students to pass their final exams. Their only hope of breaking the bonds of limbo and vacating the school building, which they have been mischievously haunting for twenty years, hangs upon their academic success. Ruiz presents us with the formula by which an extremely commercial movie can, at the same time, be hilarious, daring and surprising. Raúl Arévalo offers another delightful performance in this box office hit. Teenagers welcome!

Unclassified 15+, 90 minutes 


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