Cousinhood  (Primos)

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Sunday 25 November 4:30pm
Sunday 18 November 6:30pm
Saturday 24 November 4:30pm





In this touching and funny bachelor romp, we find three cousins played expertly by Sánchez Arévalo’s usual cast. The plot is set in motion when central figure Diego (Quim Guiterrez) is left at the altar by his fiancé. The jilted suitor’s two cousins scheme to assuage his pain by taking him on a pilgrimage to the pueblo of their youth where Martina (the wonderful Inma Cuesta, The Sleeping Voice), an old flame of Diego’s, still lives. Writer/director Daniel Sanchez Arevalo, (Dark Blue Almost Black, Fat People) chronicles the gentle and comedic interplay of these young men in this quirky, fun and ultimately heartwarming film. The term primos of the title neatly translates as both "cousins" and "suckers”.


Unclassified 18+, 98 minutes



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