Cold Call  (A Puerta Fria)

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Sunday 18 November 3:30pm
Tuesday 20 November 6:45pm
Saturday 24 November 6:30pm


Xavi Puebla skilfully directs a tightly-scripted morality play that could be plucked from the pages of David Mamet or Arthur Miller. Salva (a superb Antonio Dechent) swiftly abandons his moral compass as he struggles for survival and success in the merciless, masculine world of high-pressure salesmanship. The down-at-heel Salva, threatened by a younger, more ruthless generation of salesmen, needs desperately to make a deal to keep his job and will do almost anything to serve that goal. His last chance turns on securing a contract with the repellent but powerful Mr Battleworth (a menacing and tubercular Nick Nolte). His luck seems to change upon meeting the streetwise and scintillating Inés (María Valverde) who may be the key to the deal. An essential film that masterfully reflects the dubious morality of the workplace.

Unclassified 18+, 88 minutes 


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