Pelle Almqvist



The hyper-charismatic lead singer and songwriter of the Swedish rock group The Hives, “Howlin’” Pelle Almqvist exhorts his adoring audiences from the stage to climb with him to greater heights of (sometimes tongue-in-cheek) rock and roll ecstasy. This is a man who, as the riveting frontman for his high-octane band, knows well the rarely travelled roads of consummate showmanship and transcendence. With The Hives, one of the rock and roll world’s most popular bands, he has released numerous critically acclaimed record albums, toured the world over and collaborated with celebrated artists and producers. His group is responsible for making hip, underground music appealing to mainstream audiences, selling boatloads of records and cementing their hipster credibility in the process. Pelle is known to be a dapper dresser who never fails to cut a dashing figure. He is also a knowledgeable cinephile and has long been a friend and supporter of La Mirada. His choice, you will see, reflects his impeccable taste.

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