Festival Director's Message

Dear cinema lovers,

Welcome to the sixth edition of La Mirada Film Festival. We are pleased once again to present an outstanding roster of original and exciting films and also to have some of the most talented figures in the arts today as guest curators. Let me hasten to introduce them:

The dashing and talented Gael García Bernal, known primarily for his work as an actor, but also as a director, producer and political activist of impeccable moral standing. The inimitable and highly acclaimed Wes Anderson (whose distinctively personal, highly original films are some of my hands-down favourites) and Pelle Almqvist, the ultra-charismatic singer of the Swedish rock and roll band The Hives, named “one of the top 50 front-men of all time” by Spin Magazine.

As always, our co-programmer is the great Pedro Almodóvar, whose support of the festival is long-standing and well-documented and whose superb taste and deep knowledge of the medium has permitted us to assemble a great selection of his favourite films from the '90s to the present day.

We have an additional treat for you this year: John Mc Inerny, the actor who portrays The King in The Last Elvis, is in fact a talented Elvis impersonator with a powerful singing voice and an uncanny ability to capture the Man Himself. He will be performing in character as the Vegas-era Presley, backed by a star-studded live band, at our always wild and fun closing night party!

This year we have scheduled the festival at a different time (November, instead of the usual April). This change, it was worried, might inconvenience our loyal audience or place the festival at a disadvantage with regard to film availability, due to the seasonal nature of the industry. Instead, this longer span of time has afforded us an even richer pool from which to choose, and we have been uncompromising in bringing you only the highest quality films again this year.

As always, we are privileged to have ACMI as our main venue, one of the most important centres dedicated to the moving image in the world. This year we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Cinema Nova, our favourite Australian independent cinema, where we will present a good part of this year’s program.

Thank you for your interest and support. It is with warmth and a great sense of excitement and gratification that I now welcome you to celebrate with us La Mirada Film Festival 2012!

Rocio Garcia,

Festival Director





Rocío García

Festival Director


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